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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

R/V F/V Shanna Rose

The R/V F/V Shanna Rose arrived in the Boat Basin at some point last night. Notice the massive A-frame on her stern. I have seen her here before. And I have also seen her doing some work off of Sankaty.
Click here for info on the Shanna Rose

Not sure what this boat is being used for here. What are they researching? If anyone knows, please leave a comment in the comment section. Thanks. I found some information on the Lophius, a boat we were talking about a few weeks back.
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Nobody was able to get out on the harbor and go bay scalloping today. The temperature never made it to 28 degrees by 10 am. I think the guys will be able to go tomorrow but Thursday and Friday look iffy as the temps are forecasted to plummet. The price is still holding at $17 per pound paid to the fishermen.

The Ruthie B is still out on a sea scalloping trip. I'm guessing she'll be back here later tonite.

Very little work was done at the new Children's Beach boat ramp today. Some sort of a huge bag was spread out on the beach today. I'm not sure what that will be used for. Hopefully they will start work again and meet their deadline. Can you imagine not having a boat ramp there this Summer?

AGM Marine is busy replacing pilings on the east face of Straight Wharf.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 33.1
Low 26.4


Peter said...

Just wondering about the rule regarding the minimum temp for scalloping.

Why 28' and what is the benefit?


Anonymous said...

Seawater freezes at 28*f, so when culling the seed scallops back into the water, there is the chance that they could die before being returned to the water(I personally think mortality even occurs at a slightly higher temp, as well).

Also, while out fishing, your legal catch could freeze, as well, and when brought into a warm shanty to shuck them, they would thaw. Some buyers would then refreeze the scallops to ship them out. One should never purchase seafood that has been frozen twice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the Lophius. It makes sense as I was told she was taking bottom samples. Just haven't figured out who it was for. NOAA, WHOI, TON, know nothing. TL

Peter said...

Thank you for the information.