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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Autumn At The Waterfront

We finally have our island back. It was a particularly tough summer for the locals. The rudeness displayed by most of the visitors around the island was out of control. It was the worst I have ever seen in the 46 years I have lived on Nantucket. I have spoken to several other people and they all agreed with me.

In any event, most everyone is gone and the island is breathing a huge sigh of relief. I ventured down to the docks recently and was surprised how quiet it was there.

Mike Allen's new boat. He built this himself.
Another of Mike Allen's boats with ducks on her swim platform.
T/T Nantucket Lightship motoring out of the Boat Basin.
A Golden on the deck of a Sportfisher. Boat Basin.
This friendly cat has been a fixture around the docks for several years.
A mega-yacht docked at a mostly empty Boat Basin.
Mega-yacht. Boat Basin.
Belle on her daily cruise around the harbor.
A mostly empty Boat Basin.
Belle motoring back to her slip in the Boat Basin.

I named him "Big Seven". I have been following him and photographing him with my trail cams all summer. Look at his neck. And it's not even the rut yet! I'm hoping to get a shot of him coming out of velvet but he is very elusive. Smart old buck for sure.