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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Finally some nice weather after what seemed like an endless stretch of NE gales and temps in the low 50's. The waterfront is starting to pick up a little. There was a lot of activity in the harbor today. I spotted this huge sailboat slowly inching her way down the main channel this morning. I could not make out her name but I see she is from London.

This couple was enjoying the day in a much smaller sailboat-

A few big sportfishing boats are showing up here as well-

The fluke guys are here tied up at the end of the Town Pier-

Here's a new one I have not seen in the fleet before-

This tuna fisherman was coming in from offshore-

I caught a nice keeper striped bass on an umbrella rig while wire lining in my favorite spot today-

New picture of the week:
I came across these guys in the thick fog on the last day of the commercial scallop season back in 2004. They were rafted up talking and enjoying the morning.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sick Seal In The Boat Basin

There was a VERY sick seal in the Boat Basin this afternoon. I was down there at 5 this afternoon talking with the Marine Mammal Stranding Team and they told me that it was there at noon. They were on the phone with the New England Aquarium in Boston to see what their options were. Hopefully the poor guy will survive but it doesn't look good. I have never seen a seal in the boat basin before. Here are a couple more shots-

While I was out at Hither Crick the other day, I grabbed this picture. Can you spot the two Johnson outboard motors amongst all the Yamahas?