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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow At The Waterfront

Yes, folks, it's true. I witnessed an extremely rare occurrence down at the waterfront early this morning. Snow. While America is buried under three to four feet of snow, we here on Nantucket have only seen snow once this "winter." It was a welcomed surprise to a photog such as myself to see the waterfront covered in a light dusting of the rare white stuff today.

The Ruthie B at idle.
My Old Girl laid up at the pier.
A charter boat fillet station waiting for summer.
Ragboats at the Boat Basin.
Snow covered Straight Wharf.
A very quiet Straight Wharf.
Herring Gull taking flight.
Barge and crane. Straight Wharf.
Herring Gull no doubt looking for a free meal.
Snowy Brant Point off in the distance.
Brant Point Coast Guard on patrol in the Boat Basin.
Barge in the Boat Basin.
Looking towards town from Straight Wharf.
A colorful bay scallop boat berthed at Straight Wharf.
A classic old wooden Bristol scallop boat. Boat Basin.
Snow capped pilings at Straight Wharf.
Old North Wharf walkway.
Eider Ducks on the rocks off Old North Wharf.
Hank Garnett at Children's Beach getting ready to head out to the scallop grounds in his boat.
Hank Garnett.
Hank Garnett.
Hank Garnett.
Hank Garnett.
Hank Garnett.
Buck Of The Week:
I have several feeding stations for deer set up around the island. I leave my trail camera at them to capture any deer who visits them. In this particular location, I had several different bucks but I got a weird looking buck on film. There are a few things to take note of here. At first glance, it looks as though the buck has dropped (or shed) his left antler. Upon closer inspection, look at the second picture in the series, he has not dropped his left antler. He has an antler there. It is coming out of his head in the normal area but it curves back along the top of his head and down his neck. Interesting. Also note the notched left ear and the drop tine on his right antler. And notice his haunches poking out, ribs showing and swollen left knee. Double clik on the pictures to enlarge.