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Monday, October 25, 2010

Off-Topic/Deer Cam

It's been a little slow around the waterfront as of late. I am pursuing an interesting hobby lately. Deer watching. I bought a trail cam and set it up in the field and have been getting very good results. Here are a few shots the cam captured lately-
PS: I will return to the waterfront soon and resume picture taking there. Also, click on any picture to enlarge. Click on the picture a second time for an even larger view.
This doe had her face pressed right up against the camera! They are very curious creatures.
It looks as if she was posing for my camera.
Note the palmated right antler.
Here's a big, mature buck. Note the severely swollen left front leg.
A little 4 pointer.

A nice buck.
Close up of a doe.
Nice tall rack on this one.
Close enough to count the whiskers!!! And the palmated-antlered buck below is scraping.