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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oldest Scalloper/Heading Out/Angus/Santa

The picture of the week is of Donnie Holdgate(wearing the orange oilers) and his son, Richard, scalloping off Pocomo. I believe Donnie is the oldest scalloper. He is 80. I asked him how long he's been scalloping. He told me 60 years!

My buddy, Angus Macvicar, took these shots of me heading out in my scallop boat one morning this past week. Angus and I are the first ones to leave the dock each morning. We usually meet up with each other somewheres off Brant Point.

And here are a couple of Shots of Angus scalloping up harbor-

Santa arrived on the Island today via a Coast Guard utility boat. Captain Tobey Leske sent me this shot. Thanks, Tobey.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scalloper Falls Overboard

A scalloper fell out of his boat this morning on Hussey Shoal and ended up in the icy water. The boat was in gear and going around and around in circles so he was not able to get back into it. Several other scallopers were fishing nearby and saw what was going on and rushed over to help. The scalloper was pulled from the water and rushed over to the Brant Point Coast Guard Station where there was an ambulance waiting to transport him to the hospital. I saw the scalloper this afternoon. He is fine.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Helicopter At Madaket/Esther's Island

A helicopter was used yesterday at Madaket to transport building materials for a new house to be built this winter on Esther's Island. Captain Tobey Leske was on scene and sent me these pictures of the event. Thanks for the pictures, Tobey!

Ready for take off-

Hovering, attaching the sling-

Paying out the sling-

There goes the dumpster-
Ground officer directing the approach. Signal means descend slowly-

Attaching the sling-

Take it away!-

Setting the load down on Esther's Island-

View from Millie's-

Monday, November 26, 2007


While Dan Pronk was lobstering just west of the Island yesterday, he discovered several octopi in his pots. I did not know that we had octopi in these waters. And I have never seen an octopus until Dan showed me. I met up with Dan at the pier in Madaket as he arrived from offshore with the octopi. Click on any picture to enlarge

Dan holding an octopus-

An octopus next to a sand dollar-

One on the dock-

Octopi on the gunwale of Dan's boat, Hannibul-

Jo Perkins was at the dock when Dan came in with the octopi. Here she is holding one-

An octopus is an interesting sea creature. I learned among other things that they have three hearts and they are very intelligent.

Click here for information on octopi

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunset/Moonrise At The Waterfront

It was a nice sunset and moonrise at the waterfront yesterday. Here are a few scenes I took-