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Friday, July 20, 2007

Commercial Striped Bass Season/Quota

Click here for the latest quota information

As of this typing, it's at 12%. I talked to one guy who fishes commercially for bass and he told me the first day of the season was slow. Hopefully it will pick up and the season will be successful and last a while.

I heard the other day that several people are feeding the seals that have taken up residence at Great Point and the surrounding waters. They catch bluefish in the rip and then bring the fish to the beach and feed them to the seals. They are also attracting the seals to their boats by splashing fish in the water until the seals come up to the boat and eat from their hands.
I wonder if this is legal? Aren't seals a federally protected animal?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Foggy Morn

It was very foggy down around the waterfront early this morning.

Brant Point shrouded in fog-

The M/V Eagle making her way around the lighthouse-

The Ruthie B-

The Boat Basin-

Mother duck and her six babies resting on a swim platform-

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nice day to be out on the water today. Hard to believe in 47 days it'll be over. This Summer went by especially fast for some reason.

I went bottom fishing at the wreck and the fairway buoy today. TONS of Scup at both locations, especially at the wreck. They were a little on the small side. I was after Black Sea Bass and Fluke but caught neither. I didn't even catch a Peter Grunter!

Locating the wreck using GPS-

A video clip of the Fairway Buoy I shot today.-

And a picture of a Scup-

A little buoy tender was working in the main channel replacing buoys #11 and #10 this afternoon. I noticed the new ones are lighted. I've never known buoys #11 and #10 to be lighted. Is this something new they are trying I wonder?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Boat For Sale and Scenes from 7/15

Scott Bowman is selling his 17 Mako. Susan Burns provided the picture and specs which are listed in the sidebar to the left. Thanks, Susan.

A nice Nordhavn trawler motored into the harbor yesterday afternoon. I've always liked these trawlers. I especially like their Portuguese bridges. Very unique.

Josh Eldridge was out in his new (to him) charter boat. She replaces his old Bertram. Her name is still the same. Monomoy.

Bow lookout!