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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Trip To Great Point

I drove out to Great Point this afternoon. It was a nice day to go up there. Sunny, calm and warm.

Great Point as seen from Coskata-

Up close-

The solar panels used to charge the batteries which power the light. There is no electric service at Great Point-

The red sector-

The door leading into the lighthouse covered in graffiti-

The rip-

There were plenty of seals up at the point-

This one I discovered had expired-

Back to Town. Work is progressing on the rebuilding of the storm damaged Sanford walkway-

Today's sunset-

Blog reader, Dan, asked what was the red sector for on Great Point Light. The red sector is from 085 degrees to 106 degrees on the compass. It covers Cross Rip and Tuckernuck Shoals. 
Whenever I'm on the steamship going across the sound at night, I always make it a point to go up outside on deck and watch for the red sector of Great Point Light.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Seals And Other Stuff

I went for a seal cruise in my boat the other day. I went out the main channel along the rocks at the jetties. I was surprised to see only two seals! Usually when I go out there, I see hundreds of seals lounging all over the rocks and swimming around in the water. I wonder where they all are? Are they breeding?

Click on any picture for a closer look.

Here's a huge Horsehead 
Seal steaming past my boat-

This was the only seal I spotted on the rocks-

Upon closer inspection, I learned the poor little bugger had only one eye-

Several Cormorants roosting on the green light oblivious to the blaring fog horn-

A lot of birds were feeding in amongst the rocks including this Ruddy Turnstone-

Nice day today. It felt like Spring as the temperature made it to above 50 degrees. I'm getting tired of this balmy winter. I wish it would snow a few times. At any rate, these scallopers were enjoying the nice warm day today.

Jan and Lee-


The Althea K rounding Brant Point in the fading afternoon daylight-

The end of a beautiful winter day-