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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boat Ramp Repaired

The boat ramp at Children's Beach has been repaired for now. There was a deep trench between the concrete slab and the finger pier on the south side of the ramp for several weeks. This was an extreme hazard to the boaters using the ramp and the general public. I'm glad nobody broke an ankle and no boat trailers were damaged while the deep trench was there. I'm not sure who did the repairs but it looks like they used a combination of stone dust, gravel and large stones. This is a temporary repair until the next easterly wind washes everything out into the harbor. Here are some shots of the repair work-

There have been three or four little western rigged draggers fishing in the sound every night for the past several weeks. I believe they are targeting squid but don't quote me on that. The boats show up every night around 5 and fish through the night just to the NE of the fairway buoy and along the backside of Coatue up to about Second or Third Bend. I'm not sure where these boats are homeported. I would tend to think Hyannis. Here's a picture I grabbed last week of two of them working-

Toscana's barge was recently moved from the Town Pier over to the Great Harbor Yacht Club. Looks like they are working on the new travel lift pier over there. Notice one of the Reinemo boys using his C-Hawk boat as a little tug-

And finally, mother duck and her babies at the Cricks-