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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sesachacha Pond Opened To The Sea

I went out to watch the opening of Sesachacha Pond to the sea this afternoon. It was a successful opening.

An old salt chum of mine sent me this picture of the break at Smith's Point he grabbed from an airplane-

Friday, April 27, 2007


Any rag boat fans, the schooner, Alabama is here tied up at the east face of Straight Wharf. I went down at noon time to have a look see. Not sure why she's here and she didn't appear to have any sails. Here are a couple more pictures-

Click here for info on the Alabama

The little western rigged sea scalloper, Donna Marie was tied up at the Town Pier today. I spotted her working off Sankaty yesterday.

Today was the day the new Children's Beach boat ramp was supposed to be completed. They have a ways to go. The finger piers along each side of the ramp are not finished and the bulkhead on the south side of the ramp is not completed. The ramp is open which is good news. Here's the crew working on the bulkhead today-

George Riethof e-mailed me a link to some pictures he shot from his airplane the other day. It shows the hundreds of coir bags from the man made bluff that collapsed at Sankaty last week littering the beach at Surfside and Nobadeer. Thanks for the pictures, George!

Click here for George's Pictures

Click on the picture below.
Nantucket Waterfront News

Click here for a picture of the dragger, Lady Of Grace which was raised off the ocean bottom this week

Coast Guard press release regarding the above Lady Of Grace photo

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mess On Beach/Hummock Pond Opening

I went to Cisco Beach to check out the Hummock Pond opening this afternoon and was shocked and dismayed at what I discovered out there. Hundreds of coir bags from the man made bluff project at Sankaty that collapsed last week were littering the beach as far as the eye could see in both directions. I can only imagine the hundreds of bags that are on the bottom of the ocean waiting to be snagged by commercial bass fishermen. How many boats will be in danger of these bags getting wound up in their wheels (props)? Here are a couple more pictures of the coir bags littering the beach-

After going through the obstacle course of coir bags on the beach, I finally made it to the opening of Hummock Pond-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Day At The Waterfront

Beautiful day to be around the waterfront today. It felt almost like Summertime. The above shot was taken at Brant Point looking down the main channel. There was hardly any boating going on today. The new Children's Beach boat ramp is not completed as of this writing. It is open to the public, though. I have not personally witnessed anyone attempting to haul or launch a boat in the new ramp but I have heard stories of people that had a great degree of difficulty hauling and launching in the new ramp yesterday at high tide.

Here's what the ramp looks like now. I took the picture on Friday. Notice the piers have not been completed yet.

I'm not sure when this project will ever get done. Hopefully it will be completed by Memorial Day when the boating season really starts to get going here.

Here are some more scenes from today-