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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hauling Back A Dredge 11/4/2004

I took a buddy out scalloping with me one day back in 2004. He filmed me hauling back a scallop dredge on my boat:

Not all days out scalloping are flat calm like the scene above. It can get rather nasty as seen from my boat in the scene below I videoed last year.

Buck Of The Week: I caught this little guy on my trail cam walking along the creek bed early one morning. Note the tall rack, broken point, palmated point and tiny brow tines. At least 12 different bucks use this travel corridor. I have all their pictures from my trail cam. It's nice to see they all survived the hunting season. Click on the image twice to enlarge.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Recent Scenes From Around The Waterfront

Just a few scenes I grabbed while I was down around the waterfront recently:

Carl Sjolund in from a day of scalloping. Children's Beach.
Carl Sjolund coming into Children's Beach after a day out scalloping.
The boat ramp at Children's Beach during an extreme high tide.

Kirby Jones scalloping on a calm harbor.
Kirby Jones and friend scalloping on a calm harbor.
SSA freight boat coming into a cold harbor. 1/10/2011.
SSA freight boat docking. 1/10/2011.
Buck Of The Week:
I've been following and photographing this big guy for a few months. Again, I set up my trail cam at a creek bed where I had it once before. The buck uses this trail often. I'm hoping to find his antlers as soon as he drops them. I know his travel corridor. Now I need to find his bedding area and his food source. His antlers will most likely be between those two areas when he sheds them. I have a very very very small chance of getting his antlers as there are hundreds of other people combing this area on a daily basis looking for antlers.
Click on the picture twice to enlarge.