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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Scallops This Year

There are no scallops this year. I went to Monomoy to see how everyone was doing on opening day of the family season. It looks grim. Very very grim. One guy got one scallop and another guy got three.
Reports are coming in from other parts of the Island including the West End. Nothing anywhere.

I've seen this happen before. We cant have a banner year every year. This will be a lean year for the commercial guys. Here are a few shots I grabbed this morning-

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Storm that Never Came

Well the weather forecasters predicted a pretty big storm here over the weekend. Boats were pulled out of the water and everyone that stayed in the water doubled up on their mooring and dock lines. All that for nothing. The storm never hit. We got a good dose of rain but no wind.

Anyway, I was out and about the waterfront grabbing a few shots this weekend.

Hauling out before the predicted storm on friday-

Western rigged draggers laying at the east face of the Town Pier-

A western rigged sea scalloper at Straight Wharf-

A crew member on the sea scalloper welding new shoes on a dredge-

And finally, a house near Petrel's Landing jacked up-

I recently bought a wireless rain gauge. I will be posting totals here after every rain event. Yesterday and overnight we received 4.21" total rainfall.