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Friday, January 25, 2013

Icy Waterfront/Straight Wharf Work

Sorry for the delay, folks. I've been struggling for a long time with severe cataracts in both eyes. It's hard to lurk around the waterfront and take pictures when you cannot see well. In any event, I had surgery done on one eye which has made a world of difference in my vision. I'm able to get back out on the waterfront and resume taking pictures. We have had some serious cold here the past week. I haven't seen it this cold for almost ten years. The harbor and sound has started to ice up. I remember the last time we had any ice in the harbor was back in 2004-2005. I'm hoping this cold weather will help the scallops get healthy and grow for next season. Right now they are very small and unhealthy. Work has started on Straight Wharf. Frank Balester and his crew is busy replacing all the decking on the wharf. They are starting at the A&P end of the wharf and will go all the way to the Rope Walk. Never a dull moment down at the waterfront.