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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Done! (But is it useable)?

Looks as though the new Children's Beach boat ramp is finally done. I am down there every day, sometimes twice daily talking to boaters. Everyone I have talked to says that the new boat ramp is simply not working. I was there a few days ago an hour after high tide and witnessed the launch of a 19' Mako boat. A 19' Mako draws less a foot of water. The owner of the boat backed the trailer down until the back tires of the truck were about an inch or two under water. Standard procedure for a successful launch. The boat could not be launched. He got back in the truck and backed down the ramp again. This time his rear truck brakes were half underwater. Still no go. It took three men to pull the Mako off the trailer. One on the dock pulling on a stern line, one on the dock pulling on a bow line and the third guy standing on the tongue of the trailer pushing the bow. Mechanics are going to be very busy this year replacing brakes. I am not going to risk destroying my truck brakes to launch my boat. I'll be using the ramps in Madaket.


G Hughes said...

Have you talked to Dave Fronzuto about this?

Martie said...

No, I haven't talked to Dave about this. I figure he has enough on his mind at this point.

Anonymous said...

What if you try launching the boat while driving backwards up to the ramp at about 35, maybe 40 miles per hour? I don't know much about boats but I like NASCAR and this would be an entertaining procedure...just a thought.

G Hughes said...

I just think, before the dust settles, someone should know what is going on; from the people that use it.