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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Problems At The New Boat Ramp

Looks pretty grim. I was at the ramp yesterday an hour after high tide watching two locals having a VERY VERY VERY difficult time hauling a 20' Grady White boat. They were not able to get their trailer down the ramp far enough to get the rollers underwater.(See picture) The only way they were able to get the boat on the trailer was to have one person in the boat giving the outboard motor almost full throttle ahead while the other person struggled to crank the winch on the trailer. I am hearing more and more reports from people that the new ramp is not working out well. I'm afraid we will have to live with this.


Anonymous said...


Any idea what the super double secret scoop is on the ramp?

Martie said...

I cannot say because I am not 100% sure yet. The story will break soon.