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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring At The Waterfront

Spring has finally arrived at the waterfront after a long cold and windy spell. I went down early this morning to have a look around as I do every morning of the year. The Boat Basin is very quiet now. Only a few charter boats are in for the season. The old Rope Walk restaurant is being worked on and will change names for the summer. The next big event is the dreaded Figawi drunk fest on Memorial Day Weekend. I stay as far away from the waterfront and docks as I can that weekend. Every year during Figawi I go over to Tuckernuck and stay in a house over there while the Figawi drunks and the people they bring over here with them trash our waterfront and town. Here are a few scenes from this morning-

On a somber note, we lost a good man down at the waterfront recently. Kevin Madden passed over the bar this week. I knew Kevin a long time. He was a big man with a raspy voice. He crewed on Tommy Dunham's boat for many years. He always used to tell me how much he loved being out on the water every morning bay scalloping with the guys. I would always talk with Kevin whenever I saw him at the docks. He would talk about scalloping and the good old days with me. When he wasn't scalloping, you could find him driving his taxi. I will miss him.

This buck held onto his antlers for a long time. The bucks I have been documenting on all my trail cams around the island shed their antlers by March at the latest. Notice the abnormal right side with only the one point. Most likely he damaged that side during velvet causing the stunted growth.