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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nantucket Lightship

The Nantucket Lightship made a visit here recently. I spotted her yesterday at anchor in the chord of the bay. She made her way into the harbor and is now up near First Point on her anchor. I took my boat out today to have a look at her. She looks great!

I've been following a bachelor group of bucks all summer long. I observe them every evening. There are three of them. I'm almost positive there is a set of twins in the group. They are about the same size and they never leave each other's side. They are always together. Recently I set up one of my trail cams at their location. One of the twins was very curious and checked out my cam. Deer are very curious creatures and investigate anything new in their environment.

Here are the twins together taken by my digital SLR camera (not a trail cam)