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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Well the Boat Basin and the mooring field finally filled up. I thought it would never happen. It looks as though most of the boats this summer that are moored in the mooring field are sailboats. With the high price of fuel, I can understand why.

A full Boat Basin-

A classic in the mooring field-

Captain Angus Macvicar's boat-

The Shearwater-

I met up with Captain Blair on Hussey Shoal this afternoon-

Belle steaming down the fairway-

Big yachts med-moored at Straight Wharf-

Senator Kerry and his wife out for an afternoon sail on the harbor-

I spotted this beautiful 33 Fortier under the Angler's Club today. If I were ever to get another boat, this would be it-

A catboat off Crosby's-

Here are some real boats!-

Happy Fourth everyone-