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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New SSA Fast Ferry

I got a call at work this morning from Jo Perkins telling me that the SSA's new fast ferry was coming here today. I had no idea the boat was coming today. Thanks for the heads up, Jo! I was at Brant Point when she came in and grabbed the above video clip of her. I must say, she doesn't look anything like a ferry. More like a luxury yacht. I will say that she looks much better than the Dead Cloud, though. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who was lucky enough to go onboard her today and have a look around. I'll wait until the public is invited for a look sometime in March.

I counted 15 boats bay scalloping today. That is a lot from previous counts. A lot of the guys came out of the woodwork today to get a few scallops for Christmas presents. It was a fine day for it, albeit a little chilly. I noticed an addition to the bay scallop fleet while I was making my rounds early this morning. Someone rigged up what appears to be a 19' Seaway boat with a Mariner outboard engine. Not sure who the captain of the boat is but I'll find out soon enough. I wish the guy luck. Scalloping is a tough racket to get into especially this year seeing that it's a lean year.

AGM Marine moved their barge from Polpis Harbor to Easy Street basin sometime yesterday.They finished rebuilding the wooden bulkhead between East and West Polpis Harbors. This project was way overdue. I have never seen the bulkhead in anything other than a horrible state of disrepair. It will be interesting to see the new one. Looks like they are going to drive the pilings for the house that was moved onto the roadway at Old North Wharf. A scalloper told me this afternoon that work on the Children's Beach boat ramp will begin shortly although I have not seen any activity down there as of late. I'm not sure who will be doing the work but my guess is that it'll be AGM Marine. The handful of scallopers who launch and haul their boats on a daily basis down there will be given free slips at Grey Lady Marine during the construction of the new boat ramp so I'm told.


Anonymous said...

My she is yar.

I hear that's a nautical term that only real sailors and chantymen would understand.

I have no frawicklen idea what it means, however.

Avast ye.

Mr. Anonymous...

Fran Scrop said...

Whoever that anonymous chap is, he obviously has no idea what he is talking about. No one talks that way. If I knew who he was, I would go to his house and hit him with a cane stick and yell at his idiot children.

Fran Scrop
Long time island resident and expert French Door and Mac Hard Drive repairman.

Anonymous said...

working now....I selected "other" FYI

Martie said...

Glad to hear you can post a comment here using "other."