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Monday, December 18, 2006

GHYC Heavy Equipment

Today's picture was taken at Great Harbor Yacht Club. For a larger image of any picture I post here, just click onto it and a new window will open up with a larger picture. If any of you have been down around the GHYC area, you will no doubt notice all the activity there. Late last week several pieces of equipment were brought in. I noticed AGM Marine and Lawrence Lynch setting up shop on the other side of the street from where the old shipyard was located. I have never seen such huge machines used on Nantucket as they are using at GHYC. Lawrence Lynch has a big dump truck that you would see being used in a quarry. And AGM Marine has a crane with a very long boom. I don't know how they were able to move the crane across the road and make all the corners unless it comes apart in sections but it doesn't look like that is the case with this crane. I'm not sure what they are constructing there but the site is one big muddy mess. Come to think of it, how many construction sites have you seen that weren't a muddy mess?

Around 10 or 15 guys went out scalloping today. It was a nice day for it. A little rain in the afternoon but not much wind. I talked to one guy at noontime today and he told me that he spent the whole morning testing. He went all over the place eventually working his way outside. He went all the way down to Murray's cottage and said he only got 6 seed and not a single adult scallop! Not a good sign. I remember years ago spending a whole month outside getting my limit every day. We fished from the cut all the way down to fourth bend. It was an interesting place to fish. It was like a whole different world compared to inside. It was much cleaner and the grass was bright green and healthy. Everyone who fished out there caught not just tons of scallops in their dredges but other things as well. Anything from fishing lures to sunglasses to snorkels and masks. Too bad there wasn't scallops out there anymore. It would take a lot of pressure off of the inside. Hopefully in a few years it will come back and we'll have another huge set of scallops out there.

You have probably heard by now that the Ruthie B lost her sea scallop dredge late last week. I haven't heard how it was lost but they spent 7 hours with a grappling hook trying to recover it with no luck. I heard that a sea scallop dredge costs anywhere between 4 and 8 thousand dollars.

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