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Friday, October 28, 2011


I was lurking around the waterfront late this afternoon and spotted a vessel at the end of Straight Wharf. I grabbed my camera and went over to have a look see. Her name was Dardanella and she is home ported in Georgetown. I have never seen her here before. A few min after I arrived, it was announced by a member of her crew that she was leaving. I was delegated the task of tossing her lines before she left. A role in which I gladly performed. I tossed her lines back to her from the dock and watched her depart the Boat Basin. A beautiful ship!

Here are a few pictures of the Dardanella I took-

Note here the captain's heavy use of her bow thrusters. I consider this cheating. That boat has twin screws. She should be able to turn around within her own length. The captains of the M/V Nobska are rolling in their graves looking at this.

I set up one of my trail cameras at a new area of the island recently. I was rewarded with a nice buck. He comes every night at about the same time. He's completely nocturnal. Smart old buck. He has a nice rack. Very wide. I just wish his brows were taller. I have three of my trail cams in this area of the island. I will be using them to document the movement of this big old buck. I'm hoping to find his sheds later on in the winter when I start my shed hunting. I'm really want his matched set!