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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shipwreck On The North Shore??

I'm back after a couple weeks off. Thanks for your patience while I was gone.

Bill Mentes, an avid reader of my blog, alerted me to a large section of bulkhead and what looks to be a shipwreck on the north shore of the Island. I went out there yesterday and investigated.

I found a large section of what appeared to be a bulkhead. Not sure if it came from here or floated over from the mainland. In any event, I can't imagine hitting that with a boat. It would surely do some severe damage to your running gear. Here's a picture of the section of bulkhead-

When I was there, I also noticed what looked to me to be a part of a very old shipwreck. The wood looked quite old and there were cross pieces of rusty metal as well. Could it be the ribs of an old ship? Can anyone confirm?

Here's what the pieces looked like from atop the bluff-

And finally, here's a good-sized erosion control project located on the north shore that is not working. Several sections of the plastic fence have failed. I spotted sections of the fence several hundred yards down the beach in a pile. Hopefully the litterbugs that built the failed project will go out there and dismantle it and clean up their mess on the beach while they are there.