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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Trip To Coskata. August 2010.

I took my boat up to Coskata this summer. It's beautiful country up there. Not a lot of people who live here get to experience it. I was able to bring my boat into Coskata Pond only because it was high tide. I would not be able to do it on a low or even a mid tide. I went exploring while I was there. I have never seen so many fiddler crabs in my life. There were thousands and thousands of them there. The shark you see was well inland from the shoreline. I suspect it ventured in on the high tide, got disoriented and was stranded at low tide. The Coskata Caves pictured are interesting. They are located at the mouth of the pond and are quite large. Here are the pictures of Coskata I took while I was there-
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The mouth of Coskata Pond
The mouth of Coskata Pond
Fiddler Crab hole
Fiddler Crabs
Fiddler Crabs
Fiddler Crabs
Thousands and thousands of fiddler crabs
Coskata Pond inlet
The Coskata Glades
Coskata Pond inlet
Stranded shark
Coskata Woods
Coskata Woods
The Coskata Caves
Signs everywhere!
rusty sign
fungus-laden cedar tree
abandoned road
Goldenrod in bloom
a field of goldenrod
scallop shell well inland
sandy road winding through Coskata
the cedar trees cannot grow tall on Coskata because of the constant wind.
I noted tons of driftwood to be had.
Rose Hips
yet another sign
inland road
yup! another sign!
Old Girl
interesting cloud formations
entering Coskata Pond
winding through the shallow channel to Coskata Pond
the channel leading into Coskata Pond. Coskata Woods to starboard.
Coskata Pond channel. Coskata Woods astern.
My location in Coskata Pond on the chartplotter.
old dory anchored in Coskata Pond.
In Coskata Pond. Coskata Woods in background.
Heading back out of Coskata Pond in my boat.
Leaving Coskata Pond.
Leaving Coskata Pond. Coskata Woods to port.
Entrance to Coskata Pond.
Coskata Caves.
Coskata Cave.
A smaller Coskata Cave.
Coskata Cave.
Coskata Cave.
Coskata driftwood.
Inside a Coskata Cave looking out.
Coskata Cave.
Heading home.


BP said...

nice shots. i did that with my old sea ox years ago. that buoy you're sitting on i think came from pollack rip channel instead of grsc. also, i wonder if that dogfish died from lack of oxygen. with that rust tide, seems everything is dying including the scallops. cheers.

Martie said...

Thanks, cappy.
The buoy was finally removed from Tuckernuck this spring. As for that shark, the rust tide was thick up at Coskata when I was there. It most likely choked him to death.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

I've never been to Coskata, Martie. Thanks for the trip. It looks like a beautiful spot. I especially like the cave!


science 26 miles from America said...

nice pictures; thanks for sharing a part of nantucket lots of us never go see.

Martie said...

Thanks, all.
Sharon, you would love Coskata. So much to explore and photograph! Coatue is another favorite part of the Island for me. I spent a lot of time there this past summer.

Anonymous said...

sign sign everywhere a sigh blocking out the senery!

Richard said...

Harry Gordon told me that when he was a young fella Coskata pond was mostly fresh water and closed off to the harbor.There was alot of grass up there then and the duck hunting was unbelievable.It was probably around 1920 the town opened it up to the harbor for mosquito control.There was also a small abandoned farm and farmhouse there as well.Must have been some nice.What a spot!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you write that the harbor is void of scallops.I'm confused.Dr. Bob Kennedy,Ph.D was quoted last year saying that the harbor had 30,000 bushels of scallops on the bottom.The fishermen harvested roughly 16,000 bushels.What happened to the other 14,000 bushels last year and shouldn't next year be great if the remaining 14,000 bushels from last year spat? Can you clear this up. Thanks

science 26 miles from America said...

hi Martie, web cam is back at 12:34 pm October 10th; you are the first to know

Martie said...

This is such great news!! It was missed!