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Monday, March 4, 2013

Highliner Carl Sjolund

Carl Sjolund has been commercial scalloping for a long time. Well over 50 years. There is nothing he doesn't know about the industry. He has forgotten more about scalloping than I will ever know about it. I have only been commercial scalloping for 30 years. I'm a rookie.. Carl is one of the very few highliners in the fleet. He gets his limit before anyone else. He's fast. I remember back in the early 80's I was scalloping in my boat alongside Nelson Joyce. Nelson used to fish out of a big old grey Novi boat. He eventually bought a 24' Chesapeake Classic. In any event,  we were scalloping one day late in the season in the middle of First Bend. We spotted Carl going home early with his limit of scallops. Nelson looked over at me and said "I couldn't get my limit that fast if someone put them in my boat for me." I'll always remember that day. Carl has seen it all through the years. Good years, not so good years and years where there were hardly any scallops around. He never complains. He goes out every day, gets his limit, opens them and has a good year every year.  He knows that every year is different and that if you work hard, you will get your limit. A true highliner.

Here are a few pictures of Carl out scalloping in the harbor back in January-

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