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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Head Of The Harbor Scallops

I took the above picture while scalloping at the Head Of The Harbor a couple of weeks ago. For a larger view, click on the picture and a new window will open up for a closer look. An area finally opened up there and I was able to get my five bushel limit in no time. The stock was of decent size but the weight was way off compared to previous years. When I fish up there I can always expect to get between nine and ten pounds to a bushel. This year I only got 6 pounds. Quite a difference. I hope this is not the case next year and the yields will return to normal.

Only a few guys went out scalloping today. I counted only four or five. I think the wind held a lot of them back. It was blowing pretty hard out of the west for most of the day. I know one boat pulled up to the dock at 3:30 this afternoon with four bushels. And that was with two people on the boat. That's a long day on a windy and rough harbor! But I guess if you love what you are doing, it doesn't really matter what time you get in or how many bushels of scallops you get.

While driving past Slosek's Farm on the Polpis Road today I noticed a huge flock of Canda Geese grazing on the grass in the field there. Around six or seven Snow Geese were among the Canada Geese. The geese may have been feeding on corn left over from the Summer as well as the grass.

AGM Marine was busy working in the Easy Street Basin today setting the pilings for the house which is on the road at North Wharf.

This past November, there was a very tame pigeon hanging around Straight Wharf particularly in the area of the Hy-Line office. The girls in the office there fed him on a daily basis. Whenever I was down there, I would feed him too. He would hop right up on a bench and sit with you. I noticed he was getting a little chubby as the month of November wore on. I haven't seen him for a long time. I wonder where he ended up.


Jo said...

Is that Monkey Dunk on your culling board?

Martie said...

Good eye there, Jo! Yes, that is Monkey Dunk. It's fairly common up in the Head Of The Harbor.

Val said...

What are the ratios of nubs found?
And to any particular area?

Martie said...

I'd say the ratio is 60/40. All areas seem to have this same ratio.