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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunk Boats/Sewer Work

Two boats have succumb to their watery graves recently. Both at the Town Pier. A twin engine inboard Trojan and a scallop boat. The Trojan is leaking fuel into the harbor. Someone was nice enough to place a boom around a portion of the boat to prevent some of the fuel from making it into the harbor.
The Trojan-

Next is a scallop boat at the floating part of the Town Pier-

What a mess. Hopefully these two wrecks will be removed as soon as possible.

AGM has moved their barge and crane over to the Brant Point Coast Guard Station. Not sure if they are just storing it over there or if they are going to be doing some work on the pier there.

The roads around the waterfront are in shambles. Especially Easton Street, Brant Point and Children's Beach. It looks like a bomb went off. They are busy working on replacing sewer lines. I'm sure the work will be completed and the roads put back together and paved just in time for the Summer people's arrival. Here are a few scenes of the mess-

The commercial bay scallop season ends on the last day of this month. The highliners are getting their full 5 bushel limit every day. It turned out to be a very good season after all.