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Friday, February 22, 2008

Scalloping In The Snow

Nice day today on the water scalloping in the snow. I grabbed a few shots.

Heading out-

Coming up on Brant Point Lighthouse-

Rounding the light-

Look Out!! Hy-Line fast ferry dead ahead!!


Bernie and Mac-

Cold dredges-


Captain Blount-

There's still tons of scallops out there this late in the season. I got my five bushel limit in record time today. The guys fishing up harbor and down harbor did very well also getting their limits. The price paid to the scallopers is $13 per pound. We are averaging 45 pounds for a five bushel limit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bird Watching At Jetties Beach

A great place to go bird watching is at Jetties Beach There are always several different species of birds to see there. I try to go there every afternoon to have a look. Here are a few shots I grabbed while I was there over the weekend.

A flock of adult and immature gulls-

A Herring Gull-

A Brant-

And a Mallard-

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Esther's Island/Strange Fish

Looks as though Esther's Island will be connected to Nantucket very soon, possibly before spring.
I was out at Smith's Point a few week ago and shot these pictures of the cut-

The renovation and additions to the house on Esther's is coming along well. Here's what it looks like from my scallop boat-

As I was scalloping at Esther's, I caught a strange looking sea creature in one of my dredges. It looked like an eel but it was smaller (about 10 inches) and a lot fatter than any eel I have ever caught. It was orangish tan colored and had black spots as well. Does anyone know what this creature from the deep is?