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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Esther's Island/Strange Fish

Looks as though Esther's Island will be connected to Nantucket very soon, possibly before spring.
I was out at Smith's Point a few week ago and shot these pictures of the cut-

The renovation and additions to the house on Esther's is coming along well. Here's what it looks like from my scallop boat-

As I was scalloping at Esther's, I caught a strange looking sea creature in one of my dredges. It looked like an eel but it was smaller (about 10 inches) and a lot fatter than any eel I have ever caught. It was orangish tan colored and had black spots as well. Does anyone know what this creature from the deep is?


Anonymous said...

oh no you have disturbed the the great slimy one.Oh no this global warming stuff has created a cross breed or maybe it is from the spetics or worse the dump.

Just a little kidding around I have never seen one of those did you call Sarah at Umass


Martie said...

Haven't asked Sarah. Hoping Blair will know what it is and chime in.

I'm thinking that the new green monstrosity on Esther's Island has something to do with the strange looking fish. Perhaps the green from the monstrosity is seeping into Madaket Harbor causing all the fish to become deformed.

Jake said...

Is that a cusk?

Martie said...

Not sure, Jake. The fish I caught looked more eel-like. A Cusk has a broader body.

John said...

I think it is a cusk.


zelda said...

The eyes look too small for a Cusk. I'm pretty sure it's a Wrymouth. It was hard to find much info., but it looks like the one in this picture:

It sounds like it's a pretty rare catch.

Martie said...

zelda, I think that is exactly what the strange fish is.

John said...

Yep - I agree that it is a wrymouth after all. In fact, I have found these guys in my oyster racks and lobster pots...last fall. A couple of them were as large as the one shown in that linked photo. Here is another link:

I wonder how they taste? Marinated and grilled....hmmm.