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Friday, July 4, 2014

Karsten's New Boat

Karsten Reinemo recently took delivery of a new (to him) boat for his charter fishing business, Topspin. She's a 32' Judge. She's a good looking boat with nice lines. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Remembering Charlie

I knew Charlie for almost 50 years. Charlie formed the company DECO. He bought two fishing boats. The western-rigged Sankaty and the eastern-rigged Nobadeer. Both sea scallopers. As a little boy I remember the boats used to fish up around Great Round Channel and shell-stock the boats, bring the scallops back to Nantucket and unload them at Straight Wharf into trucks and bring the scallops to Charlie's shanty on Washington Street Extension. I was a lumper. My job was to climb down into the hold of the Sankaty and Nobadeer and shovel the sea scallops into fish totes where they would be winched out of the hold and into the waiting trucks on the wharf. Then I would go to the shanty and stand on a fish tote at the bench and open the scallops all day long.

The shanty was full of Nantucketers opening the sea scallops. It was quite an operation down there at the shanty. Later on I sold my bay scallops to Charlie and opened them at the same shanty. I remember the good old days of commercial bay scalloping when the shanty would be filled with scallops and openers. Those days are long gone. After I opened my scallops and sold them to Charlie I would always sit with him in his office and talk about fishing. Charlie had so many stories he told me about anything fishing and scalloping related. He and Carl Sjolund used to scallop before school every day in the dark. That was before the 6:30 a.m. start time we go by now. Charlie and Carl would have their 12 bags of scallops well before 6:30 every morning.

Charlie was a highliner bay scalloper. He knew every square inch of Nantucket and Madaket harbors. I would always tell him where in the harbor I caught my scallops and he would always know exactly where I was talking about. Charlie had an old black dog named Roxie. He loved that dog. She used to sit under his desk all day in his office. It will be strange not seeing Charlie now as I bring my limit of scallops to his shanty now and be greeted with his usual "Ah-Huh." The waterfront will not be the same with out him.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Figawi 2014

Nantucket celebrates the Memorial Day Weekend by hosting an ugly drunkfest. I went down to the waterfront and grabbed a few pictures of the Figawi.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Remembering Dave Coombs

We lost a good man. Dave Coombs left this world a few months ago. I met Dave the very first day he moved to Nantucket back in the early 80's. He was a fixture down at the waterfront every day up until he died. When Dave first moved here he worked on the sea scallopers the Sankaty and the Nobadeer. After that he ran his own little Novi Boat that he bay scalloped out of. I remember he was always tinkering with that boat. Dave was extremely frugal and fixed everything himself. Dave was good friends with Charlie Sayle. They would sail together on Charlie's sailboat the Argonaut. During the bay scallop season Dave only fished one spot in the harbor. The NW corner of Hussey Shoal. He never went anywhere else. He liked that spot because there was fast water there and huge scallops. Dave never got his 5 bushel limit of scallops at his spot but he always got the biggest ones in the harbor. I opened my scallops down at Sayle's shanty. Dave opened his scallops right beside me. When we were opening Dave would always have a story or two to tell me about boats and fishing, etc. Dave was kinda gruff but when you got to know him you would learn that he had a heart of gold. He was always willing to help me out in any way. I would often visit with Dave in his home on Union Street. He would always like the company. I would sit with him and talk about boats and scalloping. During the summer months he would always like to take his boat out to the end of the east jetty and go scupping. I would see him out there all the time when I was in my boat and pull up to him and have a gam. I'm going to miss that old guy. Here are a few pictures of Dave I took throughout the years.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bob Rank's New Boat

There's a new boat down at the waterfront. Bob Rank recently took delivery of his 26 foot Fortier. Bob and Jim Sjolund ran her down from the Boston area to Nantucket. I believe Bob intends to use her as a charter boat this summer.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Remembering Jim Grandgrade

We lost a good man recently. Jim "Crow" Grandgrade passed away. I knew Jim a long long time. Ever since I could walk I would hang around the docks where the guys kept their bay scallop boats. I would watch everyone and ask questions about scalloping. Jim was always there and I would ask him questions about boats and scalloping. He always had an answer and would always share his great knowledge of scalloping with me. Jim was a true highliner scalloper. One of the very few in the fleet. He loved to fish Hussey Shoal And wide off Third Bend. Sometimes you could also find him in the Head Of The Harbor. Jim knew every square inch of the harbor and where the scallops were. He fished out of a Pogo boat for as long as I knew him. He never followed anyone to the scallops. He knew exactly where they were. Jean, his wife, went with Jim on the boat. They got a double limit usually in record time before anyone else in the fleet.

Jim became sick and was living at The Island Home nursing home. This past winter I went and visited Jim at the home a few times. He was blind but was still as sharp as when I first met him so many years ago. I would sit with him and talk about the good old days of scalloping. He had so many stories to tell me. He could go on forever. I would tell Jim where I was scalloping that day I was visiting him. He knew exactly where I had been and what the scallops looked like. He told me how they used to get 12 bags of scallops every day of the season right up until the last day. He said the Head Of The Harbor always had tons of scallops. This year there were none. Once long ago Jim was fishing on the Town side of Pocomo and it became very windy. He did not want to risk hauling back his dredges stern to the seas so he towed his dredges all the way to the beach in Fourth Bend where it was calm!! I remember Jim's wife Jean scalloping with him. She never complained out there. It could be blowing a gale and snowing and she would be right there culling.

I wish I could have sat with Jim one more time before he left this world and talk about scalloping. He was glad to see me when I went to visit him in the home. He would say "don't leave!" when I told him I had to get going. I'm just glad I was able to know a great man and a true highliner. Jim will be missed.

Here's the only picture I have of Jim and his Pogo boat. It was taken in February of 1993 up in The Head Of The Harbor.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Been A While

I know it's been a long time since I updated this blog. There really hasn't been much happening around the waterfront this winter. We had an okay commercial scallop season. Nothing spectacular. The highliners are still getting their limits every day. AGM is here with their barge and crane doing some work at the end of Straight Wharf. This has been the coldest winter I can remember since 2004-2005 yet the harbor never froze. Not sure why that was. Here are a few pictures I took today while I was wandering around the waterfront.

Friday, January 3, 2014

First Storm Of 2014

We had a little snow and some wind yesterday and today. Nothing we haven't seen before. I went down to the waterfront and grabbed a few shots.