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Friday, September 10, 2010

Commercial Scallop Season Right Around the Corner

Commercial Scallop Season starts November 1. It doesn't look like a good season this year. The rust tide is killing off the scallops. I witnessed huge areas of rust tide in the harbor this summer. Much more than last summer. This may end the scallop industry here on Nantucket as we know it.


Below is a video clip I shot from my scallop boat last November-

And here is a rare, tranquil and windless day out scalloping-

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunset, Cormorants, Local Tuna Fleet Holed Up In West Polpis Harbor & Ratner House About To Litter Our Beaches

First shot is a sailboat becalmed. Second series is of a flock of Cormorants roosting at the entrance to Polpis Harbor and taking flight as I approached them in my boat. Then we have a series of sunset shots I grabbed from Moneymoy and the Two Piers area of the waterfront. Moving along, I went out to West Polpis Harbor and documented the local tuna fleet holed up in preparation for Hurricane Earl which never arrived. And finally, pictures of Gene Ratner's house at Sheep Pond getting ready to fall onto the beach, break up and litter every beach on the island. Hopefully he will demolish the house and take it all to the dump before that disaster happens to our beaches. Or if he cannot remove the house from the beach due to insurance reasons, hopefully he will be there in person picking up every piece of his house off our beaches after it topples over and breaks apart.