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Monday, July 11, 2011

Twilight At The Waterfront

If you can deal with the crowds this time of the year, twilight is a great time to visit the waterfront. I have my secret spots I go to every evening alone to enjoy the last light of the day. A visit to the Boat Basin is a must. There's always a great variety of mega yachts there to view. All of them are rather ugly to me and I hardly ever give them a second look. Give me an old wooden Harvey Gamage eastern-rigged dragger or scalloper any day and I could stare at her for hours!

I ventured down to the waterfront recently at twilight and captured a few scenes-
The M/V Great Point steaming recklessly through the no wake zone. Not sure why Hy-Line is allowed to do that on a daily basis. Note her bow and stern wake. I never understood why this boat is exempt from following the no wake zone rule.
Kids hoping to net a minnow.
The mega yacht, Sea Owl at the fuel dock. Note all her underwater lights.
Boat Basin at twilight.
Yachts Med-moored. East face of Straight Wharf.
The Endeavor coming back from her sunset cruise.
You could drive a pick-up truck through that stern door!!!
Boat Basin.
Med-moored yachts. East face of Straight Wharf.
Not sure why this little boat has 1,050 horsepower. I guess bigger is really better.
Twilight at the Boat Basin.
Regular gasoline.
Twilight at the Boat Basin.

Boat Basin.

Buck Of The Week:
I was able to get one buck on one of my trail cams last week but he was too far away for me to enter it here as the buck of the week. I'm hoping to get a closer shot of him in the coming weeks. So for this week, I decided to post pictures of some of the fawns I have captured on my trail cams recently.

I caught these twin fawns on my new Bushnell trail cam. I always like to get fawns, especially twins, on my trail cams. I have yet to get triplets. In this video, the twins are messing around and then realize mom is gone so they take off after her. After they leave, there is nothing else on the video.


Richard said...

Couple questions Cap-first,why in God's name does a boat have underwater lights? Second-tell us the truth-don't you get so sick and tired of gleaming displays of wealth on the waterfront?Even most of the public tires of the wealthy and their toys,its boring.I've yet to see a series on TV about hedge fund owners and their yachts yet Deadliest Catch is viewed by millions world wide.Give us a working waterfront any day and a culling board over fancy lights.

Martie said...

I think the reason for the underwater lights on the ugly yachts is to show us unwashed what we could never have by the owners.
I always get a chuckle out of the signs on the boarding ladders on these yachts at the dock. They say: Private Yacht. Boarding By Permission Only. Like I would ever want to board one of them anyway!

Sharon said...

Martie, your picture of the week today is gorgeous. I just love how you captured the water - the deep blue of it and the lights on the horizon are so lovely.


Martie said...

Thanks, Sharon. I really needed my tripod and my remote shutter release for that shot but I went ahead and grabbed it anyway.
Nice light that night.

Liz S said...

All of those fawns are incredibly cute! Thanks, Martie!

Martie said...

Liz, I see fawns every evening when I'm out observing deer. Mostly twins. I'm hoping to see my first triplets soon.

Joe said...

Nice fawn shots. I've had a heck of a time getting any on my cameras this spring.