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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Shots From Moneymoy

This time of the year I spend a lot of time at Moneymoy. It's a great location to keep an eye on the waterfront and catch the last light of the day. It's also a great place to grab a few shots of the sunset.
I was at Moneymoy this evening. It felt like fall. Summer is nearly over. Another 5 weeks and we will have our island back. I'm looking forward to it.

Not sure if this is legal. It's a fence a homeowner built to keep us unwashed off "his" beach at Moneymoy.
Dune restoration???? The closest dune is 5 miles from this location. Just another attempt to keep us unwashed away from the beach at Moneymoy. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.

I set up one of my trail cams in a different area of the island than I usually set my cams up in. A place entirely new to me. The second night my cam was there I got a big buck on film. He looks to be an 8-point, possibly a seven. It's hard to tell because his right side is starting to palmate. I believe I can see an 8th point forming. This is a nice buck by Nantucket standards. Note the curved brow tines. I will be documenting this big guy with my trail cams. It will be interesting to see him when he comes out of velvet. He still has about a month and a half of antler growth at an inch of growth per day.


Joe said...

Good looking buck.

Anonymous said...

Was this one captured by Miacomet Golf??

Martie said...

Anonymous, sorry but I cannot reveal the location of the buck. If I did, everyone would go to his location and force him to vacate the area. I keep all my trail cam locations a closely guarded secret. Thanks for understanding.

Richard said...

Hey Cap-the point rounder that put up a fence to keep dingys off the beach kinda got his facts wrong.Anyone can use any beach down to the low water mark for hunting, fishing or fowling{duck hunting}As far as I know the homeowner's property only goes to the high tide mark.Also-if those are pressure treated posts its a violation.You cant put them in a wetland area-the chemicals leach out into the water.Last-where is the DEP permit posted for the dune restoration?

Martie said...

I'm still trying to locate the dunes there at Moneymoy. I have lived her 46 years and have never seen a dune at Moneymoy. Amazing what the wealthy get away with on this island. And those pressure treated posts they used are killing all the shellfish in the area. Oh, and I cannot locate a DEP permit at that site. It is the law that a permit and the permit number must be posted on the property.

fishguy6 said...

While coming back from a swim I thought this was an attempt to water grasses grow but if you follow the rope you can see where the owner paved ramp of asphalt as far as he could get. I speculate the Marine Dept wants to reclaim the area-not sure