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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interesting Boats In The Anchorage And Mooring Field

Every summer I make it a point to cruise though the general anchorage and mooring field a few times with my boat. If you are a fan of boats like me, there is always something new and interesting to see there. I visited the anchorage and mooring field today and took note of a few old girls there.

Not sure what this vessel is. I'm thinking she may be some sort of swordfish boat??

Not sure what she is but she looks pretty salty.
A nice double ender. I've seen her here before.
Red Head. I believe she's a River Queen boat.
A beautiful Hans Christian.
Hans Christian.
A nice American Tug. Note her dummy stack.
The big girls Med-moored at the east face of Straight Wharf.

Look Out!!! Hy-Line. Main channel.

Last winter I spent four days cutting a path through the thick brush deep in the eastern part of the island. It's a third of a mile long. At the end of the path, I set up one of my trail cams to document the deer in the area. I have had some really good results at that location. It's very private. The deer are not bothered or pressured in any way. I placed my new Bushnell trail cam in there all last week set to video. I was pleased to get this nice buck on video when I went in and checked the cam. I will be documenting him further with my cams. I'm interested to see what he looks like when he comes out of velvet. I think he has some potential.


Richard said...

Cap-the Destiny is in fact a sword boat-longliner.Alongside the wheelhouse on the port side are beeper bouys with the antennas. They mark the ends on the longline and send out a signal tne old man picks up in the wheelhouse.My guess is she is fishing Georges or stopped in here on her way to the Grand Banks.The covered shelterdeck is a nice touch,the boys wont get swept overboard in a boarding sea.A longliner hauls back side to the waves,keeping the main line straight out off the side. Hope this helps

Martie said...

Thanks for that. I suspected she was a sword boat. I wonder where the mainline reel is? I did not see that anywhere on her when I was inspecting her. Could it be hidden someplace in midships?

Richard said...

Cap-the reel is probably aft or amidships.If you look above the stern you will see the decklights for setting out,she sets out over the stern.Same for hauling back-the big lights are way up on the starbord side of the mast.What a nice safe rig.I would bet he has bowthrusters to aid in the haul back.

Sharon said...

Your boat shots would be an interesting book, Martie. I really like the shot of Belle in the header.


Martie said...

Thank you, Sharon. Everyone wants me to do a book with my pictures. Some day.
With that Belle shot, I tried to line up the church steeple, the Belle and the green buoy to make it a more interesting shot. I followed her for about a mile before I took the shot. I wish the background wasn't so noisy, though.

Betsy said...

As always, great pictures! Have sent them off to my brother now a live-aboard in Marina del Rey, California. Must say I'm still waiting to see a pic of his boat. Perhaps your blog will be an inspiration for him to do so. Keep 'em coming! I love every one of them.

Martie said...

Thanks, Betsy. Never a dull moment around the waterfront.

Stephanie Henke said...

Hi Martie, Trying to figure out how to post a comment here. LOVE the pictures. Now I don't have to go downtown!! hahahahaha

Martie said...

Thanks, Steph.
Yeah, stay home and hibernate until February when everyone leaves the island.
August is THE worst month to be on Nantucket. The cars, crowds and rudeness is unbelievable! It's unlivable here now.

LizS said...

Of course I love that buck video, Martie. It seems like maybe he can hear the cam go on, so he sticks around wondering "what the heck?!". Happy August! I just came back from Eastham; not used to the summer folks and the traffic. Bring on the Fall!