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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dragger & Sea Scalloper

Very windy on around the waterfront today. We have not seen any wind all winter. During my daily lurk of the waterfront today I spotted a dragger and a sea scalloper tied to the east face of Straight Wharf. I walked down and a had a look see. The sea scalloper was the Inspiration. She has been here before. The dragger was the Hera. I have never heard of her before or have seen her here before. Here are a few pictures of the old girls-

I thought nets were required to be covered with a tarp if the boat was not actively fishing?
I'm continuing to get a lot of deer on the 10 trail cams I have set up around the island. I have been using an antler trap for a couple of months. The bucks are showing up every night but they are not leaving any antlers at the trap. I'll keep trying. Here are videos of a big six point at the trap-