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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dragger & Sea Scalloper

Very windy on around the waterfront today. We have not seen any wind all winter. During my daily lurk of the waterfront today I spotted a dragger and a sea scalloper tied to the east face of Straight Wharf. I walked down and a had a look see. The sea scalloper was the Inspiration. She has been here before. The dragger was the Hera. I have never heard of her before or have seen her here before. Here are a few pictures of the old girls-

I thought nets were required to be covered with a tarp if the boat was not actively fishing?
I'm continuing to get a lot of deer on the 10 trail cams I have set up around the island. I have been using an antler trap for a couple of months. The bucks are showing up every night but they are not leaving any antlers at the trap. I'll keep trying. Here are videos of a big six point at the trap-


TexWisGirl said...

didn't know there was such a thing as an antler trap. i've heard of folks collecting sheds, though. :)

Martie said...

A lot of guys use antler traps here in all shapes and methods. I invented mine. It's a very safe one. The deer must try to get to the bait in the back of the trap. When his antlers are ready to fall, they will be knocked loose at the entrance to the trap. I have yet to see it work, though.

pdvan said...

About net reel covers

Richard said...

Remember how many draggers and scallopers used to tie up here in a storm? Almost all Eastern rigs too.One night I counted 27 boats tied up 3 and 4 deep at both sides of Straight Wharf,there was no more room so the 110 foot long scalloper "Zibet" was laying on a dredge off Brant Point.The waterfront was alive with fishermen doing gear work and visiting each other for 2 days.I miss them.Now its megayachts with underwater lights and drunken yacht owners.Where did all the real men and real boats go?

Martie said...

I agree, Richard. Our once vibrant and interesting waterfront has been taken over by junk shops, ugly yachts and drunken "sailors" on Memorial Day. I too remember the good old days down at the waterfront. They are gone. Long gone.