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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hauling Back

A lot of people ask me what is involved in hauling back a bay scallop dredge. A friend of mine went along with me scalloping one day a few years ago and shot the above clip. I hope this gives you an idea of how it is done. I tow eight dredges so the process is repeated eight times per tow. The file is pretty big and I did not compress it so it will take a while to load especially if you have dial-up.

So the consensus is to keep the current template for the blog. Sorry, Jo. ;^)
Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond in the comments section. For some reason, some of your comments are not making it through to the blog even though I publish every one of them. Hopefully this bug will be resolved in the future. Please continue to post your comments. I thank you for the feedback.

Heavy equipment was delivered to Children's Beach this afternoon. No work was done there for the new boat ramp today probably due to the weather. Most likely they will start the job tomorrow.

Two brave souls went out scalloping today. It wasn't a very nice day to fish but at least it was almost 60 degrees out on the water. I talked to one scalloper today and he said he doesn't see himself going much longer. He also told me that his old boat is starting to fall apart. He wants to buy a new boat but is not going to seeing that next scallop season looks as lean or leaner than this one.

At some point last night, a schooner came in and tied up at the Boat Basin where the dock master's office is located. Not sure where her homeport is. I'll look into it tomorrow.

The Ruthie B and the Trunfo are tied up at the Town Pier.

George Riethof was at the docks the other day and took some great shots that he wanted to share here. Thanks, George.

Click here for George's waterfront pictures


Anonymous said...

That's not how you haul back. I don't see any hydraulics on board.;>)


Anonymous said...

BP, I was wondering that as well.

Thankfully the boat where I was lucky to be the culler a few times had a donkey. Once I hand-hauled with a small dredge from a skiff looking for dinner and was soon exhausted!

Martie, the clip was worth it's "weight" , get it? Last time I was in your 'hood I hadn't noticed your cullingboard was in two sections, is that a design that works well?

Re. your consensus, to quote a friend; "sigh"

ps any chance of getting an emoticon menu? There is another Nantucket-related site that has some great ones.


Martie said...

Jo, I had a split culling board one year and it worked very well for me. When I rigged my new boat I decided to revert back to the standard, full board.

Sorry, but this site does not support enoticons. You'll just have to do it the old fashioned way. ;^) :-) >:-(

Val said...

I want to see an animated Pigeon .gif. ;) V

Martie said...

Forget the .gif, Val, I'll shoot a video clip of fat boy next time I see him. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get the name of that schooner? A friend called to say it was "beatin' haaard to windward" in Nantucket Sound this morning. Now that's sailin'.