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Saturday, January 6, 2007

What's The Consensus??

Not much going around the waterfront today so I thought I'd pose the following question.

Which of the two templates do you prefer for this blog? The current one-

Or this one I have used a few times in the past-

What is the consensus among the readers of the blog? Please comment in the comment section. Thank You.


Nantucket Flying said...


Anonymous said...


Tom McGlinn

Anonymous said...

The first one is way better. Get rid of that damn pigeon, though. ;)


Martie said...

The pigeon stays! He's an icon down there at the docks. :^)

Anonymous said...

Here kitty, ktty, kitty. Mmm, fresh food.


Martie said...

That'll be enough out of you, Blair. :^)

Anonymous said...

Hi Martie. How 'bout replacing the pigeon with a picture of a Nub?


Martie said...

Jo, what is a Nub??

Betsy said...

The one you use now is graphically better composed. Color better and fonts crisper.

I vote the pigeon stays! Want some "buddies" for him from the Cape?

jared said...

I like the current well as the pigeon. In fact, I'd rate pigeon right up there w/ spotted owl or california condor in terms of texture &, uh...nevermind.



Val said...

I want to see an animated Pigeon .gif. ;)