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Friday, January 5, 2007

Casa Blanca

Two fishing boats made their way into the harbor early this morning and tied up at the end of the Town Pier. One was a western rigged dragger named Casa Blanca pictured above and the other was a western rigged sea scalloper named Trunfo. I have never seen the Casa Blanca in here before. I have seen the Trunfo here before though. I believe the Trunfo has a 400 pound sea scallop license and is selling to Sayle's Seafoods. Not sure where the Ruthie B is now. I know she's not out fishing because I spoke with one of the crew members today. I'm thinking she's in New Beige getting fuel for the next trip out.

The area of the old shipyard looks like a war zone now. The area in front of Sayle's Seafood is all torn up. The contractors are being pretty cooperative with the neighbors. They are able to keep the road open while performing the work. Here's a picture I took this morning of the work going on down there-

I counted 10 guys out scalloping today. 4 of them were fishing in a spot that hasn't been hit all season. The beach where they were fishing off of was loaded with jap moss and sweet meats.
Here's what sweet meats look like

Here's what jap moss looks like
The area finally opened up and it looked like they were catching a lot of scallops there. It was a little breezy out on the water today as the temp almost made it to 60 degrees! Looks like next week this warm weather pattern is going to change and become a little more seasonable.

A tugboat and a barge loaded with stone dust for Myles Reis Co. came in sometime late last night and tied up at Steamboat Wharf.

I was chatting with a shellfish warden from the Marine Department today. He told me that work on the new Children's Beach boat ramp is slated to begin on Monday. I suspect that AGM Marine will be doing the work.

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fishon said...

Nice work on the blog. It's an instant regular stop. The long four months on the hard are here. 'Til then, dreams of bluewater.

That is great news about the work on the boat ramp getting started. It's hurt'n for cert'n. Hopefully it goes smoothly for the workers and users.

Thanks for keeping us posted.