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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A Blast From The Past

I was going through one of my old photo albums today and came across the above picture. I took the picture 27 years ago at Straight Wharf. The boats pictured are wooden eastern rigged draggers. And there is a steel western rigged there also. I remember back then seeing as much as 30 fishing boats tied up at Straight Wharf during a storm. All those boats are long gone. Either they were abandoned or the Government bought them as part of their vessel buy back program.

I spotted a sea scalloper coming in early this morning. I have never seen her here before. She has strange lines. Wide and rather low slung. Most likely she's a southern boat which has been converted to sea scalloping. Her name is Vila Nova do Corvo 1.
Click here for a description of the name
Here's a shot of her-

12 boats were out scalloping in the harbor today. The Summer-like weather brought a lot of the guys out. This warm weather just keeps going on and on! At this rate, we'll be scalloping in our Bermudas and short sleeves. As a weather buff, I find this weather pattern boring. I need a good blizzard. At least I have no heating bills this "Winter."

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