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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I was able to see the schooner early this morning that has been tied up at the Boat Basin the past two days. Click on the above picture of her to enlarge. She looked to be around 45 to 50 feet in length. Her hull and topsides were all freshly painted. It looked as if she was built in the 1940's. Check out the old pyramid shaped compass binnacle. There was no name on her stern. I'm glad I was able to see her before she left sometime this afternoon. I'll get the scoop from George Basset when I see him again. Does anyone have any information on her?

Click here for a description of a schooner

Here's a close up shot of the binnacle-

Work began on the new boat ramp at Children's Beach this morning. AGM Marine was not there but another outfit named Robert B. Our out of Harwich, MA was doing the work. I have seen the Our company here in the past doing projects around the waterfront. The area was blocked with a yellow containment boom. They are cutting up the wooden finger piers and removing them. Here's a picture of the operation I took late this afternoon-

7 guys went out scalloping today. Most of them were tucked up in the bends as the wind was strong out of the west. The price paid to the fishermen is holding at $17 per pound.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking boat. Interesting companionway. I've never seen one split in the middle like that. Probably makes for more headroom down below.


Anonymous said...

I would guess the Navagation station is located directly beneath the aft port side section of the dog house, making it easier to communicate with the helm through the small port light.

Also note the sliding hatch above which is likely used for taking star, sun, and moon sights with a sextant. TL