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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Richard Arnold

Kinda quiet around the waterfront today. I was going through an old photo album I have today and came across the above picture. I took it in June of 1995. The boat is an old eastern rigged dragger named Richard Arnold. I used to know her owner. His name is Dutra. He usually brings her here from P Town every Summer to fish for Fluke in the sound.

Work is going along well at the Children's Beach boat ramp. The old bulkhead between the beach and the parking lot was removed today. A trailer truck load of steel sheathing was delivered today. I hear they are going to use the sheathing to create a dam so they can pump the water out around the old ramp while they are working on it.

Work is also continuing on the GHYC. They are still working in front of Sayle's Seafood. The road is still open, though so you can access the fish market.

The Ruthie B is still tied to the dock where she's been for the last week and a half. The sea scalloper, Trunfo was in today. I wonder if they were able to get a trip in the past few days in all this wind.

Six guys went out bay scalloping today. Most of them fished on the north side of the harbor in the lee of Coatue to get out of the strong NNW wind we had all day.

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