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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Morning Commute 12/11/2006

I shot the above clip on 12/11/2006 when I was headed out to the scalloping grounds. It was taken with my digital camera. To post it here on my blog I had to compress the original file. That is why it is of rather poor quality. The original file is much sharper. Anyway, hopefully you'll get the picture (or video in this case) :^)

While making the rounds at the waterfront this morning, I noticed the Ruthie B was in. She left the day before yesterday presumably to go to New Bedford to pick up another scallop dredge to replace the one she lost. The western rigged dragger, "United States" was docked along side the Ruthie B. I'm thinking the United States is sea scalloping now because I see her here every other day or so. I haven't had a chance to go down and check out the Ruthie B or the United States to see what they are up to. Maybe tomorrow.

As for the bay scallopers, I counted 8 boats fishing in town and another 4 fishing Madaket. Two of those boats were up at Tuckernuck. It was a little breezy early in the morning with the wind out of the north but by early afternoon, the wind went almost to calm. I know one frogman that gets his 5 bushel limit of scallops every day. He goes to the same place every day. I have been thinking of learning how to dive for scallops. It seems like the best way to catch them nowadays.

I was talking to a charter boat captain down at the dock the other morning and he told me that he does not see as many sea ducks out on the harbor as in years past. I have noticed this as well. I remember back in the 80's and even in the 90's thousands and thousands of sea ducks while I was dredging the harbor for scallops. I saw mostly Eider ducks and Buffleheads with a few Brant thrown into the mix. Now I'm lucky if I see a few of these ducks here and there out on the harbor. I wonder where they all disappeared to?


jo said...

Great clip Martie, you have an enviable commute!

Martie said...

Thanks, Jo. It was just another day at the office for me.