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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Children's Beach Boat Ramp Progress

I shot the above clip early this morning of the new Children's Beach boat ramp. I was told that it will be completed by May 15th. At the rate they are going, I don't think they will meet that deadline. The finger piers are yet to be completed and they are still working on the bulkhead up by the parking lot. They most likely will have to stop the project before Summer and come back in the Fall and resume work. I have spoken to several people about this new boat ramp. Some are having no trouble at all launching and hauling a boat and others are having a very hard time with the ramp. It seems that there is enough water to launch a small boat. There is simply not enough water to launch a big boat with a deep V hull. One guy I spoke with yesterday owns a 23' Regulator boat. He told me he had to back his truck so far down the ramp that his back bumper and wheels were underwater so his boat would float off the trailer. I don't know what the solution to this problem with the new boat ramp is but I know I will not be using it to launch or haul my boat. I will be using the ramps out at Madaket.

I went out to check out the Sesachacha Pond opening this afternoon. It was still flowing out nicely. The ditch took a turn to the north at some point between today and Sunday when the pond was opened.
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jared said...

Anybody know when the COIR bags start running into the pond?!?!


Martie -- are the Deep V's having a problem with the ramp at all tides or just certain tides?


Martie said...

Jared, I will ask the guys w/ deep V's which tides they are having problems launching their boats. The whole point of the new ramp was to be able to launch any kind of a boat at any stage of the tide. I wish we still had the old ramp. It worked fine for everyone.

Jake said...

I launched 3 hours after low tide yesterday. I had to back in so my rear wheels were half submerged. this is much farther than I had to back in previously. My boat is a 22 degree deadrise 23 foot CC. This ramp is not steep enough.