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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer. Finally!

It finally arrived. Summer. After the worst June in recorded history, summer has arrived and it looks as though it will be here to stay for another 8 weeks. Each day now is shorter by one min. I love this time of the year but am also looking forward to winter when we can have our island back. There are only so many people and cars the island can handle before it becomes unbearable to live here. It seems particularly worse this year.

I am always able to escape the crowds and madness in my boat. I was out this weekend on the water and grabbed a few shots of the waterfront-

Community Sailing School sailboats. East Polpis Harbor.
Interesting cloud formations. Pocomo Meadows.
A busy waterfront.
Fluke boats and the idle dragger, Ruthie B. Town Pier.
New fluke boat, Underwing. Town Pier.
Harbor cruise boat, Minke.
A full boat basin.
Mega yacht. Boat basin.
Sea Owl. Fuel dock.
Mega yacht. End of Straight Wharf.
Large sailboat Med-moored. East face of Straight Wharf.
Med-moored yachts. East face of Straight Wharf.
Scott Bowman's new (to him) boat, Good Point. East Polpis Harbor.
Scott Bowman's new (to him) boat, Good Point. East Polpis Harbor.
Scott Bowman's new (to him) boat, Good Point. East Polpis Harbor.
Scott Bowman's new (to him) boat, Good Point. East Polpis Harbor.
Sunset over Hulbert Ave.

I recently got a new trail cam. It incorporates the latest technology where there is a very low glow infrared flash which will not scare away the deer when their picture or video is taken at night. I had some interesting results with the new cam as soon as I put it out. This buck was very curious-

Here's another video clip of the same buck. Note how he is spooked by a bird flying away.


Jaime Michele Connelly said...

Awesome shots Martie!!! Glad to hear you got out on the water this past weekend! I agree it has been a little out of control this year.. more than any other year. Love the shots of Scott's boat! Glad to see you are clicking :) At least one of us gets to at this time o year! Happy Summer my friend!!!!! :))

Martie said...

Thanks, Jame. Yes, this is the worst summer I have ever seen here. The visitors are the rudest ever. Everyone I have talked to has told me they have never seen it this bad ever. It will be over very soon, the rude people will leave and we will have our island back. I am so looking forward to the dead of winter. The island is unlivable now.

Anonymous said...

What make and length is Mr. Bowman's boat?

Martie said...

I believe she's a 31 Bruno And Stillman but don't quote me on that. I will ask my waterfront informants and get back to you on that.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

The last sunset picture from Hulbert Ave. is very beautiful, Martie.

Does it seem exceptionally foggy to you this year? It does to me.


Martie said...

Thank you, Sharon. I think it's an average summer for fog. We were spoiled last summer. We had zero days of fog. We will never see another summer like that in our lifetime.