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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day Of Summer

I think the weather has finally broke. I'm not getting my hopes up just yet as it is still Junuary here. Today was the longest day of the year. Soon the days will be getting shorter by a minute each day. I'm already looking forward to fall and the slower pace of the island.

It was a nice evening down at the waterfront. Calm and warm. There is always something going on down there-
M/V Great Point. Straight Wharf.
Rag Boat Christopher. Straight Wharf.
Rag Boat Christopher. Straight Wharf.
Brant Point Lighthouse.
Hulbert Ave.
Hulbert Ave.
Reflections. Easy Street Basin.
Fluke Boats. Town Pier.
Fluke Boats. Town Pier.
Conchs on the buy boat for the fluke boats. Town Pier.
Conchs on the buy boat for the fluke boats.

Fluke boat rigging. Town Pier.

This little guy is a regular visitor to my cams. He's in velvet now. I'm documenting his antler growth this summer by using several trail cams strategically placed in his home range. It's interesting to see where he travels around the island on a daily basis. So far his antlers are growing about an inch per day.
Double click on the picture for a larger view.


Linda said...

Weren't the nosee-ums/gnats just awful last night? However, it was a beautiful night in the harbor! Happy Summer!

Martie said...

Yes, I was attacked by the no see ums last night while trying to grab shots. I did not have my insect repellent with me. Whenever it's flat calm and no wind, you will find that the bugs are out in full force. Happy summer to you too!

Sharon Van Lieu said...

Those first two are particularly good, Martie. I'm with you on being ready for fall; it's my favorite season here. This summer has been so foggy!


Martie said...

Thanks, Sharon.
Yeah, it's a bust this summer weather-wize. We were long overdue for a summer like this. Good news is that in a week, summer will be more than half over. We may salvage the fall. We'll see. At least our winters are warm and snowless nowadays.

Jaime Michele Connelly said...

Beautiful reflections!! Love it !