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Monday, June 13, 2011


One of my favorite parts of the island is Coatue. This time of the year, I spend as much time over there as I possibly can. I have hiked and explored just about every square inch of it. It's a great place to escape the hoards of people which are here during the summer. Hardly anyone goes there which is fine by me!

I was over on Coatue recently and took a few photos-

The Craig House, Second Bend.
The Craig House, Second Bend.
The MV Eagle heading out.
The sound side of Second Bend.
Rosa Rugosa in full bloom.
Rosa Rugosa and a Black-Backed Gull.
Horned Poppy in Second Bend. Thanks for the ID, Jen!
A soaring Black-Backed Gull.
Rosa Rugosa and Nantucket Sound beyond.

A salt marsh behind Butler's, Lowell's and Casano's houses. Third Bend.
Notice the new windmill on the right and how it ruined the once beautiful waterfront skyline.

Below are scenes from Saturday, June 18th.

Fog forming and heading up harbor from town.
The Coatue Cactus starting to bloom.
Coatue Cactus starting to bloom.
Bumble Bees pollenating thistle. Second Bend, Coatue.
Bumble Bees pollenating thistle. Second Bend, Coatue.
Black-Backed Gulls. Second Bend.
Winding Coatue road.
Flooded road. Third Bend, Coatue.
I think a fresh coat of paint and this place would sell for around 12 million. Third Point, Coatue.
Third Point, Coatue.
Third Point, Coatue.
Old Girl.
The houses of Third Bend, Coatue.
Tootsie steaming off Third Bend.

Recently, I set up one of my trail cams overlooking a tiny teaberry field. Deer love teaberry and feed on it heavily year-round. This little buck in velvet stopped by the teaberry field every day for a week to feed-
Double click on a picture for a larger view.


Jaime Michele Connelly said...

It looks so much more peaceful there! Is there alot of Rugosa there?

Martie said...

Yes, it is very peaceful out on Coatue. It's usually just me and a seagull. Perfect! There is a lot of Rosa Rugosa there. And there is Coatue Cactus too!! I will post a picture when it is in full bloom soon.

Jen said...

The yellow flower is Horned Poppy and, of course it's from Europe and taken over the beach! :)

Great photos!

Martie said...

Thanks, Jen! I've been wondering for years what those flowers were.

Richard said...

Do you know anything about the bones of the wreck east of Coatue Point? I think its in the bird nesting area.Chances are its in Wayman Coffin's Tuckanut book or Paul Morris' Maritime Nantucket.

Martie said...

Not sure what that wreck is. I saw it again last winter when I was lurking around there. It looks as though it's a pretty big wreck. Have you noticed the big electric cable running along the beach there and out to the green light at the end of the east jetty?

Sharon Van Lieu said...

Wonderful series, Martie. We are going to explore Coatue soon. (I thought I commented on this post but I guess it didn't go through).

Your deer pics are some of your best yet. I love the last one - what a ham!


Martie said...

Thank you, Sharon. I may see you on Coatue one of these days! Yeah, that buck is cool. I'm documenting his antler development this summer using my trail cams. The antlers grow an inch per day!