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Saturday, April 14, 2007

UPDATE: Children's Beach Boat Ramp

The completion of the new Children's Beach boat ramp has been delayed yet again. This time until the 27th of this month. This past friday they removed the cofferdam and flooded the ramp. I was down there today and everything looks fine except for one thing. It looks to me that there isn't enough water to launch a boat in the new ramp. The pitch looks to be much too shallow. I was there this afternoon about an hour after dead low tide and there was only a foot and a half of water in the ramp. Not nearly enough to launch a boat. At high tide, it looks as though you would have to back your vehicle half into the water to have enough water in which to launch your boat. I hope I'm wrong about this but I've talked to several other people and they all said the same thing, there doesn't seem to be enough water in the ramp at either tide to launch a boat. If anyone has been down to the ramp lately and think differently, please leave a comment in the comment section.
Here's a picture of the new ramp I took today-
Click on any picture to enlarge.

There are several nesting pairs of Ospreys I've seen around the waterfront lately. Here is a pair I saw at Jackson's Point this week-

Batten down your hatches and check your ground tackle. There's a pretty good easterly coming.

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Anonymous said...

I swung by the ramp on the way home from the dump yesterday around the high tide. The waterline was close to the edge of the concrete. The entire surface of the ramp looks high in the photo. I wonder how the elevation checks against the design plans.

The Harbormaster was there directing one of the contractors to create a temporary check dam across the ramp with pieces of the steel sheeting and gravel. He thought that it would be fine once completed.


jared said...

Who owns final sign-off on the project....I'm guessing the Harbormaster? Does anyone know for sure?

Dave's been around long enough to check it at both tides, but if it's no good and they have to re-do it, I don't want to guess what that completion date might be!!!

Martie said...

I think Dave Fronzuto has the final say in this project.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the final approval(for payment) will come from Projects Administrator Diane O'Neil, likely after consulting with Dave Fronzuto. Of course, there should be a County or Town Engineer involved, but we don't have one. Hopefully the Town will require a proper survey of the as-built conditions including horizontal and vertical location, prior to any sign-off.