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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Scallops This Year

There are no scallops this year. I went to Monomoy to see how everyone was doing on opening day of the family season. It looks grim. Very very grim. One guy got one scallop and another guy got three.
Reports are coming in from other parts of the Island including the West End. Nothing anywhere.

I've seen this happen before. We cant have a banner year every year. This will be a lean year for the commercial guys. Here are a few shots I grabbed this morning-


Anonymous said...

Not much in the Wild West, but the water is still warm, and the eel grass is deep. Maybe we just need a good blow! Too early to tell.
"Make nub, not war!"

Anonymous said...

Any news about the Horseshed? Did anyone get a full bushel?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, no scallops? A downside perhaps to the rape last winter?

Martie said...

Nobody raped anything last winter. That is a common misconception held by most people who do not understand commercial bay scalloping. We have good years and we have not so good years. This year is a not so good year. It is as simple as that. I've been commercial bay scalloping for close to thirty years now. I've seen it all. The up-coming lean season does not concern me in the least. We will have better years.

Anonymous said...

Here's some coverage of the 2007 Nantucket Scalloping season.