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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nice day to be out on the water today. Hard to believe in 47 days it'll be over. This Summer went by especially fast for some reason.

I went bottom fishing at the wreck and the fairway buoy today. TONS of Scup at both locations, especially at the wreck. They were a little on the small side. I was after Black Sea Bass and Fluke but caught neither. I didn't even catch a Peter Grunter!

Locating the wreck using GPS-

A video clip of the Fairway Buoy I shot today.-

And a picture of a Scup-

A little buoy tender was working in the main channel replacing buoys #11 and #10 this afternoon. I noticed the new ones are lighted. I've never known buoys #11 and #10 to be lighted. Is this something new they are trying I wonder?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice job making that minnow scup look bigger than it is. Ha.

Those lighted buoys will be a real improvement. Coming in at night, with all the backlighting from the "city Of Nantucket", it makes it real hard to make out anything but the range lights.