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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scalloper Falls Overboard

A scalloper fell out of his boat this morning on Hussey Shoal and ended up in the icy water. The boat was in gear and going around and around in circles so he was not able to get back into it. Several other scallopers were fishing nearby and saw what was going on and rushed over to help. The scalloper was pulled from the water and rushed over to the Brant Point Coast Guard Station where there was an ambulance waiting to transport him to the hospital. I saw the scalloper this afternoon. He is fine.


Anonymous said...

Did he have on a PFD?
Did the Coast Guard launch a boat or just play 20 questions on the radio?

I am glad that he made it out of what shortly could have become a deadly situation.

Martie said...

No, he was not wearing a PFD. The Coast Guard and the local Marine Department were on scene but it was a fellow scalloper who pulled him from the water and saved his life.

jared said...

Glad to hear all is well. The water is cold enough in dry suits...foulies are not going to cut it very long in the drink!